Orlando Lives Must Continue To Be Remembered

The Orlando Victims Must Always Be Remembered For The Right Reasons.

At a time when tragedy hits the world over it is refreshing to see so many people stand up for what they believe in: That love is love. The Orlando shooting raised awareness of something often many people simply sweep under the carpet,  the subject of homophobia. And it isn’t just homophobia in the media, or in the form of this massacre that need to be spoken of. For example, blood drives are currently running in Florida to support the victims, yet gay men are still unable to donate.

Ironic, right? Could this be any more insulting?

News stories the world over continue to highlight the gunman’s past, his obsession with gay people and how he had been under the FBI’s radar for some time, yet few are mentioning how the LGBT community have been suffering long before this man decided to storm into Pulse and take so many innocent lives. Innocent lives that felt comfortable in kissing their partners in a Florida nightclub, holding their hands and simply having a good time being themselves. How dare these innocent people be punished for something that is so natural because of one man’s obsession.

As newspapers and online news sources continue to highlight his ‘association’ with ISIS, we think it is about time that the victims are remembered and discussed before we lose focus of this tragedy. Those that lost their lives did nothing wrong and it is about time we wake up and realise that trans lives, gay lives, you name it, are in jeopardy.

Please take a moment to watch the video below and recognise that these innocent lives are the result of such a tragedy, and hope and pray that their loss of life will at least make a difference in the way society recognises homophobia. These people are not nameless ‘victims’ to fill news stories, they are stories themselves, and many many people’s loved ones, best friends, teachers, partners and more.

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We must take a stand and take notice that change needs to happen before more innocent lives are lost for simply being who they are. It is about time we join together, not discriminate, and take action to make a difference. If 2016’s biggest issue is the ‘right gender’ using the ‘right toilet’ then my lord, we truly do have our priorities all wrong.


Vigil for Orlando.

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We truly hope we live to see the day where gatherings to support the loss of such innocent lives never need to happen again.



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