Sofia B

We Fall In Love With Sofia B.

It’s not often I find an artist I want to stick on repeat. Enter Sofia B. The London based singer-songwriter has quickly hooked me in, and it isn’t just her kaleidoscopic cover of Years & Years’ ‘King’ that has made her music lodge itself in my mind.

Her EP ‘In The City’ was released on Montiel Records in 2015, to which she told of her creative process:

“It all started when I was living and working in NYC and had gone through a pretty horrendous breakup. For me it always starts with a lyric, story or emotion and then I start improvising over chords until I find something that sticks. Some of the songs I wrote to and from work, mostly writing lyrics on my phone and then recording videos of myself, so I wouldn’t forget what I came up with!”

Her second single, ‘Soldiers’, taken from ‘In The City’ was inspired by her best friend and fellow Crohn’s buddy who convinced her to book a flight to New Orleans for a joint adventure.

You can listen to the latest remix of ‘Soldiers’ below!

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