What does £10k worth of sex doll really get you

What does £10k worth of sex doll really get you?

When I heard that people were willing to pay thousands of pounds for a sex doll I almost didn’t believe it. I mean let’s be honest, 10 grand is a fuck-ton of money. We’re talking brand new car / deposit on a house kinda money here…

So what exactly does £10k get you? Let’s investigate!

Our investigation begins on www.kanojotoys.com, a Japanese website that “specialises in the sales of innovative lifestyle products for adults”. Or in other words, the kinkiest shit that the Japanese sex industry has to offer delivered to your door in (hopefully) discreet brown packaging.

A cursory glance at the homepage reveals that for only $10 I can be the proud owner of some ‘Golden Shower Japanese Schoolgirl Pee Lubricant’. Of course, it’s tempting, but we’re here for the sex dolls, we must stay focused.

A few clicks later and there she is in all her squinty eyed glory – the Real Love Doll Yasuragi White Skin, retailing at ‘just’ $13,099 USD. Fucking bargain lad.

What does £10k worth of sex doll really get you



Yasuragi is described as ‘The exquisite masterpiece of a silicone companion’, because clearly she’s not just a sex toy; she’s your companion of course. I can almost imagine her sat opposite me in a restaurant, barely touching her Katsu curry and being all shy.

She’s also quite bendy:

What does £10k worth of sex doll really get you



What does £10k worth of sex doll really get you


I mean If you’re gonna pay 10 thousand pounds for an oversized flesh light you wanna make sure that you fancy her. Imagine how awkward you’d feel fucking a cold lump of silicon that you’re not attracted to! It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Oh and great news for those looking to purchase more than one head as the optional extras include a “head display stand”. So you’ll never have to worry about tripping over those pesky decapitated replica human heads in the night ever again.

So what about the business area? Can you really shag this thing?

Well for 10 grand you won’t be disappointed because Sex with Yasuragi looks to be just like the real thing thanks to her ‘Octopus Grip’ vagina – featuring “a slim tunnel lined with sucker-like bumps, curving at the end”. Nice.

Personally I’m convinced she’s a bargain.

I mean sure, you don’t normally have to immerse a woman in a hot bath to raise her skin and vagina to room temperature. Nor do you usually have to clean and hide a woman’s body after having sex with her.

These minor issues aside, you can’t complain really.

She even comes wearing a free wedding ring – to avoid the awkwardness of asking her to marry you and not getting an answer.

When it comes to sex on demand, what other option is there anyway? It’s not like any real woman would have sex with you for £10,000… right?



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