Boxers Are For Everyone

Why Boxers Are For Everyone.

Finding underwear that both looks good and is comfortable seems to be a tricky task in the modern day underwear world. It’s a bit like buying a new car, you’re after the right material, in the sexiest colour with the most durability. You could tick different boxes all day long but your search will return very few results…

And when you’re someone that settles with a boring multipack of white briefs, the worst thing imaginable happens: You wash them with your blacks and now your pants have gone grey. There has never been a better time to fill your drawers with boxers, and we’ll explain why. After all, guys aren’t the only ones who like a little extra coverage when it comes to underwear shopping. Boxers come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, with or without a button fly, with or without a wide waistband, the opportunities are endless.

Justin Bieber Calvin Kleins
Justin Bieber Calvin Kleins

Boxers have more recently become a fashion statement too. Er, hello, have you seen that Calvin Klein ad? Yes, Bieber may have undergone some serious Photoshop work, but you get the idea. Whether you’re straight, gay, or fancy your next door neighbour’s cat, boxers are bloody comfortable and look seriously fashionable, especially when teamed with your ‘boyfriend’ jeans and baggy jumper. We no longer try and keep what we’re wearing underneath a secret, and shoppers are quickly falling in love with sexier-than-ever-before undies.

But why must companies take advantage when it comes to keeping our arse covered? Similarly, the tampon debate springs to mind. Why women must pay through the nose to control what mother nature – the bitch that she is – gives us all, is beyond me. I’d rather not spend all my money on Tampax, and while underwear may not technically be compulsory, going commando makes my fanny get the chills. But recently I’ve found shopping for funky looking underwear quite an expensive venture. A wide waistband at the top is comfortable and appealing, with boxers helping to steer clear of the dreaded visible panty line, which is a God-send when you’re heading out in skin tight jeans.

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If we take a moment to separate ‘boy shorts’ and ‘boxers’ into two different shopping baskets, you can also decide how much of your arse you’re needing or wanting hidden. While women don’t have any nuts and bolts to keep in place, these specially designed pants take that into account. Fancy a keyhole anyway? Sure, no problem. FOCX are one brand that I’ve come across, and what better than being designed and made here in the UK? Well, apart from that fact it’ll cost you around £15 a pair of course. But beauty costs, and rest assured they’ll be damn comfortable.

Without sounding like their PR, Calvin Klein also offer a range of underwear that have recently been sending women into a hashtag spin, especially when celebrities are seen sporting the exact same matching combo. There’s something about having that brand popping its head out the top of your snugly fitted jeans that has girlfriends everywhere hinting to their partner what they’d like for Christmas already. Now, I’m a Superdry girl myself, despite (similar to FOCX’s prices) each pair costing you around £12. Yes, the two brands offer very different styles, FOCX has gone funkier while Calvin Klein offer subtle and sophisticated, and Superdry somewhere in between, but don’t be put off by the price tag. Unless, of course, you’re a bit like me and have an underwear addiction.

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