Why Can't Fame And 'Victim' Go Together?

Why Can’t ‘Fame’ And ‘Victim’ Go Together?

We read about it pretty much daily. Everywhere we look some sort of ‘celebrity’ is getting into trouble. But as soon as they flash the cash they are usually free from all allegations. That’s how it works isn’t it? A quick pay off and everyone stays quiet. Until they die of course, and then we hear the truth.

Unfortunately, in the long list of celebrity crimes, sexual assault is right up there and in this case I want to point the finger in the direction of Ched Evans. This is a case I’ve been discussing since the very beginning. Now I’m not one for being blinded by fame and fortune, to me they are still people, they can still make mistakes – FYI, sexual assault of any sort is not in that list – and we must take into account how many allegations against celebrities can actually be false too. But what angers me the most is how much the victim is blamed for what happened. I said previously in a post about #notokay that women are shamed into thinking they deserved whatever disgusting crime took place. She probably wore a dress that was a little too short, had a bit of boob on show or walked alone at night.

And unfortunately in our society that is deemed an acceptable reason for someone to be sexually assaulted – because she was obviously asking for it.

But back to Ched Evans…

This is an interesting one.

Firstly, he was cheating on his fiancee, so already everyone is doubting his character. Secondly, he has admitted to lying to get a keycard for the hotel room where he allegedly raped a 19-year-old woman. And thirdly, he made no attempt to ask if he could have unprotected sex with her. So maybe he’s arrogant, he doesn’t need to wear a condom, he’s famous, he can do what he likes. What’s the chance she’ll even remember in the morning anyway?

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But most recently it has been reported that a man has come forward claiming to have had sex with the same woman prior to the allegations. Oh and he had sex with her several times, so she must be lying. What sort of woman goes home drunk with a random guy and then cries rape on a footballer that one time? This just makes me sick. How dare these elements even be considered in such a high profile case is beyond me. What I really don’t understand is this mentality that the damage done to Ched Evans’ career is equal to the pain his victim has suffered.

The entire case also echoes Brock Turner…

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll be aware of the Brock Turner case. The Stanford rapist served just a three month sentence for raping a drunk young woman behind a dumpster. But apart from the crime itself which will make you feel sick to your stomach, the fact that Brock was let off because of the effects it may have on his life, will truly make you want to castrate him yourself.

In relation to Ched Evans, I understand where some people are coming from. Girls throw themselves at footballers. But that doesn’t mean showing an interest in someone famous means giving over all consent. She was drunk – Does that mean ‘no’ goes out the window? Of course fucking not.

Does that mean he shouldn’t even have to ask? He’s famous, he can have what he wants. Of course fucking not.

Should we be taking his inability to return to football if he’s put back in prison into account? Of course fucking not. We seriously need to get over this mentality that the ‘damage’ to his career is as important as the victim here. And yes, he may be innocent until proven guilty, but like hell do all his actions so far equal a perfectly innocent man who has landed himself in the middle of a sticky situation by accident. We need to stop victim-shaming, women-shaming and blaming her intoxicated state be the excuse for Ched Evans doing exactly what millions of men do and get away with because they believe the victim “asked for it”.

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