Why Does Our Magic Number Matter So Much

Why Does Our Magic Number Matter So Much?

“Here’s the correct amount of people you should’ve slept with” … Recently, I feel like I’ve seen this topic being talked about left, right and centre. So being the opinionated, mouthy little person I am, I obviously felt the need to stick my oar in and give you my opinion on the matter as well.

Firstly, I always feel like it’s different for boys and girls. And that’s not me being a massive feminist (well…) but from personal experience I know boys and girls are judged differently on their number of sexual partners. Growing up the only girl with three brothers, I can tell you right now that if I had slept with 1/10 of the amount of the people I know my brothers have slept with I’d get a different reaction from telling people my number than they do. It’s bad enough that I’ve actually lost my virginity at all. (Don’t tell them though, they still think I’m a nun and despite having been in a committed relationship for the past three years I’m not going to burst their bubble).

I am 1000% supportive with having no strings, consensual sex with whoever you want. As long as it’s safe, protected, and both/all parties involved are of age then I say go ahead. Go mental! Have good sex and lots of it people.

What I don’t like about talking openly about sex is how judgemental people can be about your ‘number’. You honestly cannot win. If you’ve slept with more than the “correct number of people”, which is ten, according to a poll referenced in a recent Metro article, then you’re a slut, too easy and will probably have a massive vagina. On the other hand, if you’ve slept with only a couple of people you’re inexperienced and “basically a nun”. No, honestly. When I told a housemate’s friend how many people I’d slept with, because that’s what you do with strangers when you’ve had a few too many double vodkas and cokes, she turned around with a pitied look on her face and said “aww, you’re still basically a nun!”.

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So girls, guys, people of the earth I just wanna say: The ‘right’ amount of people you should’ve slept with is HOWEVER MANY YOU FUCKING WANT. If you end up marrying whoever you lost your virginity to, then you go Glen Coco. You’re a rom-com movie waiting to be made. And if you’ve slept with 69 (hehehe) people before you’ve found the human you want to spend the rest of your life with, that’s also kudos to you.

Happy shaggin’, people!


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