Why I Repeatedly Downloaded And Deleted Tinder

Why I Repeatedly Downloaded And Deleted Tinder.

Why I downloaded Tinder then deleted it then downloaded it again

Like many of my millennial brothers and sisters, I have taken part in the weird and wonderful (mainly weird) world that is online dating. Though I would say that Twitter is actually a great and convenient place to meet potential partners and fu*k buddies (that’s what I’ve heard anyway), Tinder is the dating app that I mainly used.

By now, pretty much everyone and their Nan knows about Tinder so I won’t bore you with the specifics but, swiping left (no thank you) and right (yes please), then getting a match is the aim of the game. If I can recall correctly, I first downloaded Tinder back in 2014 due to hearing my friends’ stories of their failed and successful dates. I too wanted in on the fun. That “fun” was short lived, lasting a whole ten minutes. I really don’t know what it was about it at first, but I absolutely hated it. I didn’t return to the app until February of 2015. I used it regularly for a couple months and even went on a date! I know, shocking right? It was a good one actually and I saw the guy a couple more times but it just didn’t work out. I continued to use the app for a bit after that but ultimately, got bored of it. Maybe it’s because of my location, but I just seemed to be swiping past the same type of guys every single day. It was sooo boring. So I deleted it again. Goodbye Tinder.

This tale doesn’t get any better because I stayed off the online dating scene for almost a year – besides Twitter. I wanted to give Tinder another shot because according to my mates; it’s not as bad as people make it out to be, plus, their success stories showed that. So around Christmas time I downloaded it again. I was swiping left for days and then came across this Canadian beauty that was in London visiting family. We got talking for a bit but when he wanted us to finally meet up, these were his words: “we can blaze, drink, chill and stuff…” let’s just say I never spoke to him again after that. Tinder was gone from my phone and shortly after he was too.

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I really don’t know what it is. But Tinder and I just don’t get along. I’m not an excessively picky person but I know what I do and don’t want. The people on Tinder within my radius are either fu**ing boring, so up themselves, or have a very fetish-y view of black girls that I’m not down for. Maybe I just need to stick to dating in real life because the online world just doesn’t seem fit for this girl right here.


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