What's Your Number

Why It Shouldn’t Matter What Your Number Is.

Whether you’re at the start of a relationship where you both don’t really know where you stand, or he’s rolling off you after a quickie, that question of ‘So, what’s your number?‘ is never one you want to hear. And why does it matter?

Silence fills the room, he stares, you stare, and you’re both sat now looking like idiots. ‘So?’ He pushes. ‘Well…’ The answer is, you don’t remember. And probably don’t care.

So it may not have been your first dance, but whether he thought it was amazing or he’s had better, whether there were five people before him or 15, it doesn’t change anything. Hypothetically let’s say your magic number is 17. How many of those can you remember the name of? How many did you even really know? How many lasted so little time they probably don’t even count anyway? Well…

The answer is, it doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re safe about it. As long as those awkward fumbles didn’t result in someone calling you Mum, you’re good to go. And when you’re not so sure yourself, why should anyone else have the need to know you’re magic number either?

If he’s invited over for dinner it’s same to presume it is more than a drunken snog, but if he can’t dance the dance and talk the talk along the way then he’ll be voted off this one woman island. No doubt about it. If you’re still sat in silence while you ponder what really counts towards the figure you’re trying to consider acceptable, then he’s either disgusted or curious as to what bullish*t you’re about to deliver. You mean, you don’t keep track? God forbid. Leave that in American Pie. Nobody keeps a tally.

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By sleeping with X amount of men (or women) you’re no less able to cook yourself dinner or find your way to the gym via McDonald’s. They may be pissed off with you not knowing how many people were before them, or who their competition is (or was) but that’s their problem. Because sometimes, not only do these things not matter, but nobody has time for it to count either.




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