A Winter Wonder - Image by Matthew Wiebe ©

Why You Should Look Forward To Winter.

The tanning season is over, I’m sorry to say, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get filling your wardrobe with the latest knitwear and cosy clothes, right?

Not that you ever need a reason to go shopping, of course – But hooray for winter! There are a variety of reasons why we love winter so much, and you should too.

Re-discovering those boots you love so much.

They were probably crying themselves to sleep at night in the corner of your room, abandoned and forgotten until winter showed its head once again. Don’t worry, those cosy boots won’t turn their back on you, no no. They may not have gone with your summer outfit, but winter is approaching and they’re here to stay.

Cosy boots image by Chelsea Francis ©
They felt abandoned, but winter has brought you and your boots back together – Image by Chelsea Francis ©















The endless cups of coffee and hot chocolate.

There’s nothing better when it’s freezing cold outside than a cup of coffee or delicious hot chocolate (with plenty of whipped cream on top, obviously). Whether it’s to keep your hands toastie on your way to work, or an afternoon shopping break, stopping off at Starbucks to warm up your insides, and your hands, is definitely a must.

Endless Coffee by Padurariu Alexandru ©
Sauce are addicted to coffee too, don’t worry – Image by Padurariu Alexandru ©
















It’s time to get your bake on.

As if The Great British Bake Off wasn’t enough of a reason to start making all those delicious cakes and biscuits at home, when the weather is fully in winter mode outside, we all love a bucket loads of muffins to truly get in the spirit of winter. Am I right?

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A Good Reason To Bake - Image by Paweł Kadysz ©
A Good Reason To Bake – Image by Paweł Kadysz ©
















Get your people watching skills up to scratch.

There’s nothing quite like a blustery winter’s day to get everyone hiding in their nearest coffee shop. So why not scrub up on those people watching skills and watch the world go by?

People Watching - Image by Jeff Sheldon ©
The Perfect People Watching – Image by Jeff Sheldon ©
















It becomes totally acceptable to live in jumpers, hats and coats.

Whether you’re heading out for a walk, slobbing around the house, or making your work day super casual, cosy jumpers go with everything. Comfiest jeans? – Check. Scarf? – Check.  Gloves? BOBBLE HAT? THE ENTIRE WINTER SECTION IN ACCESSORISE? YES PLEASE.

We All Love Feeling Snug - Image by Roxane Clediere ©
We All Love Feeling Snug – Image by Roxane Clediere ©
















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