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Years & Years’ Olly Mocks ‘Gay’ Music Genre.

Olly Alexander responds to fan’s tweet featuring photo of band’s album in ‘gay’ music section…

I’m a little fed up of hearing “that’s so gay,” and it seems I’m not the only one. But did you know a new music genre exists? The gay genre? Nope, me neither. Years & Years’ Olly Alexander recently responded to a tweet from a fan who noticed Years & Years’ album being filed under a music store’s ‘gay’ genre section.


“If you think my music is gay that’s cool, I love being gay and I love my gay music but can you really label a sound or style of music ‘gay’,” he wrote on Twitter.


It didn’t take long for a number of other stars to voice their opinions on the matter, including Youtuber Troye Sivan whose album also appeared in the new music section, replying with: “I love saying I love being gay.”

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