Zara Ungendered © Zara

Zara ‘Ungendered’ Might As Well Be ‘Boyfriend’ Style.

Zara 'Ungendered' Might As Well Be 'Boyfriend' Style.
Zara Ungendered © Zara

Don’t get me wrong, Zara’s new Ungendered clothing line is a step in the right direction, but does it really have to be that boring? Their so-called ‘unisex’ options are simply jeans and baggy tops that wouldn’t stick out in any store’s ‘basics’ range. As a high street store known for their tailored coats and sometimes peculiar designs, I’d like to think they could create something a little more creative to stand out from the rest. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that there’s more to unisex clothing than simply churning out the same clothing in greys, khaki or other ‘neutral’ colours. Since when did gender-neutral equal boring and ugly?

It would seem we aren’t the only ones wondering what the hell Zara were thinking, with many shoppers and style watchers commenting on their lack of variety via social media.


When other online publications ask readers ‘would you wear the same clothing as your other half?’ I’d like to think nobody would even contemplate objecting… After all, their boring white t-shirts and grey hoodies are hardly giving consumers anything they don’t already have. Not dissimilar to ‘boyfriend’ style jeans and jumpers, Zara’s Ungendered seems more inclined towards men, with the possibly of their presumed girlfriends wearing the same. ‘Oh I love wearing my boyfriend’s clothes‘ well that’s great, because now you can buy your own masculine wardrobe and stop stealing his. But of course, you won’t feel like you’re buying clothes from the mens section because it’s all unisex, hooray! Oh give us a break.

Maybe Zara are just playing it safe while dipping their toes in the market of unisex clothing. Their attempt at breaking down these gender stereotypes is great in theory, but the practise needs just that, practise.

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